Homebuilt Electric Motors

DIY paraglider motor - 160x25 stator   (2016)
Weight: 4kg, Prop: 1.2m, RPM: 2300, Thrust: 43kg
Battery: 12S LiPo, Current: 140A, Watt: 6580

DIY 2810 brushless motor made
from Hard Drive stator plates

DIY 3520 brushless motor made
from electric drill laminations

This website is a collection of information and tools that
may be of use to the amateur electric motor builder

This is the re-designed "Home-built Brushless Models" website which was due for a revamp for quite some time. The old website was started in January 2003 and provided information about electric motors in a relatively non-technical way.

Thanks to all who have sent messages of gratitude over the years. This new website is for you!

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