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Powered by CD-ROM

Join the 2:1 Club and enjoy

UNLIMITED vertical performance

With 300+g thrust and a model that weights approx. 160-180g,
you will have 2:1 power/weight ratio 

This model is extremely quick to build
(it took me about 4 hours - including the design time)

And the materials cost next to nothing.
You just need some 5mm (or 6mm) Depron, a CD-ROM motor,
a 700 m/Ah 3-cell LiPo pack and some micro RC gear

The wingspan is 520mm and the prototype weighed only 162g

Power is from a reworked CD-ROM motor that's been rewound with 11 turns of 0.45mm wire, with a Star connection.
12 x N44 5x5x1 NdFeB magnets replaced the original magnet ring. Kv = 2530

This is Delta number 3. (Depron models don't last forever).
As you can see, the nose is different. Frank Weaver's delta (see pic at bottom of page) looked so much better than my original, that I decided to give my new one the same look. The motor has now been rewound with 11 turns, 2 x 0.35mm wire. It runs sweeter and feels more powerful, probably due to more copper on the stator.


Static thrust is 300+g on 3 x 700mA/h Etec LiPo's

All of this was built at home, including the motor conversion

An inside view of the motor reveals the magnets that were cyanoed in. I used a short length of alu tubing for a spacer to better lign up the magnets with the stator when the motor is assembled.


The Gunther prop has a push-on fit. A short length of Golden Rod outer is pressed into the hole and some heatshring tubing on the shaft. Then wet the tubing and press the prop on.

Frank Weaver from Vancouver Island, Canada sent in pictures of his version, which he calls "Demon Delta".

A side view of the "Demon Delta" shows the stealthy look of the canopy.

Weight is the enemy of this model !!

Here are the WEIGHTS of my DELTA

 CD-ROM Motor & Prop


 10A ESC  (CC Phoenix 10) 12g  
 3-Cell 700mA/h LiPo's 53g  
 2 Servo's  (8g each)  16g  
 JR-610M Receiver 12g  
 1.2mm Steel Pushrods 3g  
 Airframe (incl. paint) 59g  

 Total AUW   



Build your CD-ROM Delta from the FREE PLAN

Download plan

Download plan here

A4 size JPG - 297 x 210 mm  (118kb)

A4 size - PDF  (110kb)

(Set the paper orientation to
Landscape Mode when printing)


Advice on modifying CD-ROM motors is free for the asking,

but check the FAQ page first - your answer might be there already


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