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Please use the new improved Winding Scheme Calculator

Motor Winding Scheme Calculator V1.0

For 3-phase brushless motors

(This program translated by Christo - 12/7/2004)

The forum where the source code was discussed (German):


Step 1 Enter the number of stator TEETH and magnet POLES
Step 2 Click the Calculate button

Teeth: Poles:


Notes regarding the notation used:

Uppercase (A, B or C) = clock-wise winding (CW)
Lowercase (a, b or c) = counter clock-wise winding (CCW)

Eg. AaBbCc means:
phase/wire 1: wind tooth 1 CW, continue to tooth 2 and wind it CCW
phase/wire 2: wind tooth 3 CW, continue to tooth 4 and wind it CCW
phase/wire 3: wind tooth 5 CW, continue to tooth 6 and wind it CCW