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A showcase of some of my projects

A 22mm stator CD-ROM motor inside a GWS-400 gearbox (3:1) powers my shockflyer. Thrust is 470g @ 8A on 3 x 700mAh LiPo's. 11 turns of 0.5 wire with a star connection.
The brass pinion was carefully drilled out to take the 3mm motor shaft.

My first home-built outrunner motor from hard drive stators (Western Digital Caviar). Motor designation is 280-10-6 as it has a 28dia x 10mm long stator. I used 6 windings of 3-strand 0.35mm wire with a delta connection and a distributed winding pattern. It spins 12,300 RPM @ 23.3A with a 8x4 Graupner SLIM prop.


This is my Lark which was designed as test bed for the motor shown above. It has lively performance on 8x1700CP NiCD cells.
This 350-20 is the biggest motor I've built so far. The 12-tooth, 35mm stator is from a power tool and the 14 magnets are 20x6x2mm. This motor has a nominal rating of 600w, but can safely be pushed to 750W for short dutations. A similar motor powers a friend's Smith Miniplane built to the original SIG plans and gives it vertical performance.
My first CD-ROM powered model - a scaled-up Nutta


The Wasserkuppe is where I first saw a 'proper' electric model fly.

It is an amazing flying site in the central region of Germany

and hopefully, I will return to this wonderful place one day...

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